• Bullet Jewelry Earrings - Howlite Gemstone Rondelle and Tassel


    The Moonshine Jewelry Collection is a handmade gemstone jewelry collection incorporating copper that was used in real moonshine stills. This unique jewelry not only looks incredible but oh the stories it could tell! A true piece of American history and a beautiful conversation piece.

    Item Specifications:

    Bullet Jewelry Earrings - Howlite Gemstone Rondelle Tassel - featuring a brass 243 casing, gorgeous 10mm howlite gemstone beads at the top along with crystal rondelles, and a gorgeous deer lace tassel.

    Primer and powder discharged and cleaned thoroughly to ensure safety.

    Be sure to see all of our handmade jewelry to mix and match necklaces, bracelets, and earings. "Get your shine" on with handmade in the USA Moonshine Whiskey Jewelry.