• Warrior Pack Stealth 8-Way Holster Bag - Black


    The Warrior Pack is the safest and most functional bag ever created. Our simple strap system changes the look and function of the bag 8 stylish ways: Thigh Holster, Purse, Protected Purse, Shoulder Holster, Backpack, Handbag, Fanny Pack, Messenger Bag. The bags design incorporates 3 separate pockets: Flat zipper pocket - 9.5" h x 6.75" w x 1” d. Zippered pouch - 8.5” h x 7” w x 1.5” d. Flap pouch (magnetic closure) - 7.5” h x 6” w x 1.5” d. The bag offers many concealed carry benefits including two interior compartments (front & middle) with tension bands allowing a gun, holster, phone, or other item to be stored securely. The bands keep your gun positioned for a safe and consistent one handed draw. The bag will carry some of the largest handguns on the market. Undoubtedly, the most functional concealed carry bag in existence. If the bag is not intended for CC, the bands can easily be removed or used to secure other items. Additional features include a chained detachable card wallet and cut resistive straps. Made from the highest quality leather and chrome hardware, this bag surpasses everything about the everyday purse. Never lose your bag and stay hands free! Comfortable, functional and badass sexy. Available in many styles and colors, the Warrior Pack is undoubtedly the most innovative bag ever designed. An edgy style that demands attention.

    Note: The standard waist strap fits a Size 0 up to 58 inches. The standard leg strap fits 22 inches to 29 inches. Straps can be customized to fit any length, simply email us your measurements and invoice # for a customized set at no additional charge.