• Open Carry Belt - Black

    Please specify your waist size in inches.

    The Open Carry Belt is the first choice in open carry. Extremely comfortable and low profile, no more holsters stuffed in your pants or unsafe draws from your body. The simple design not only provides for the most accessible means of drawing your weapon but it also holds up your pants! Perfectly positioned and secure through your belt loops, our belt holsters also accommodate bottom rail mounted lasers and lights. Each belt is built from scratch with high quality leather and hardware materials customized to your size waist, position of choice, and specific firearm. Buckles can be changed out via an integrated snap system at the end of the belt. OC Belts can be purchases with a standard buckle or without to simply snap on your personal favorite. Available for men and women in both black or brown with silver hardware.

    Laws and safety practices when using this item are the responsibility of the consumer. Please ensure you understand the open and concealed weapon laws and safety regulations for your area prior to purchasing this item.